Christopher Bowes and his Plate of Beans

Christopher Bones beans

Booking contact: KRISTOF HARTMANN


Christopher Bowes - Vocals
Phil Philp - Tuba
Matthew Bell - Guitars
A Plate of Beans - Drums & Programming





Oh wow! From the actual human being who brought you ALESTORM and GLORYHAMMER comes CHRISTOPHER BOWES AND HIS PLATE OF BEANS, the greatest electropunk synth-beancore band the world neither asked for nor needed! With a lineup rounded out by Matthew Bell on Guitar, Phil Philp on Tuba, and a Plate of Beans on Drums, this fabulously fearsome foursome delivers a creamy beany EP featuring 5 tracks of carbohydrate-filled high energy party anthems that are guaranteed to make you scream out for beans! The future is here...and it's floating in a rich tomato sauce and sealed inside a metal can.

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